Boat and rivertours

From2 495 SEK

Boat trip with dinner + Icehotel 365 + Nutti Sami Siida

A wonderful evening excursion along the beautiful Torne River. From the river you can really enjoy the beauty of the nature. We make a stop on an island. In our tipi, with an open fire in the middle, the guide will serve a Lappish dinner. 

From1 295 SEK

Midnight Sun by Boat

Midnight sun boat trip along the beautiful Torne River. With the midnight sun shining from straight up north we experience the natural beauty of the Torne River valley. You will be served coffee and sandwich during the tour. 

From1 495 SEK

Canoe Day Tour

Could there be a more enjoyable way to get around? Probably not. We travel along the Torne River and experience the beautiful nature to one hundred percent. We make a stop at shore and make some coffee. We might try to paddle in easy flowing water. 

From3 195 SEK

Overnight canoe tour

Is there any more enjoyable way to get around? Probably not. We travel along the Torne River and experience the beautiful nature to one hundred percent. We might try a little fishing or paddling in easy flowing water. No experience required. 

From1 695 SEK

Fishing by Boat on Torne River

A wonderful day trip along the beautiful Torne River. The guide drives the boat and show you their best fishing spots. In this river you can catch a variety of fish, such as  trout, pike, grayling, etc. 

From495 SEK

Canoe/Kayak Rental

Rent a canoe/kayak straight from our bay in Kurravaara at our cabin lodge Aurora Camp. 
Explore the area there or if you have a car and possibilty to bring one and explore other parts of Kiruna area. 

From1 195 SEK

Boat trip with dinner

Enjoy a nice evening tour with boat along the beautiful Torne river. 

From1 595 SEK

Wilderness tour with ATV

Cruise through the forest on an ATV and watch the stunning nature pass you by with the fresh air in your face. Enjoy a delicious lunch during the tour, then jump right back into driving.

From1 695 SEK

Tour to Abisko National Park

Admire the scenery along the 100km drive from Kiruna to Abisko National Park. During the tour, we will take a walk along the spectacular canyon, as well as a visit to Silver Fall near Björkliden. Your guide will serve a delicious lunch before driving you back to Kiruna by minivan.

From975 SEK

Hiking in Kurravaara

A beautiful trek in the arctic nature. The pace is set by you, so the tour is suitable for all levels of fitness. We will have a break outdoor and have coffee/tea and sandwich with a great view!

From2 695 SEK

Exclusive hiking to Trollsjön

We hike towards Trollsjön (Troll Lake) in the fairytale-like surroundings of the valley of Kärkevagge.

From1 495 SEK

Midnight sun, dinner in cabin

A wonderful tour where we visit the beautiful nature near Torne River. Your guide will serve you three course dinner at the river dining room. After dinner we go up on the mountain Luossavaara by minibus to see the magical midnight sun. 

From1 295 SEK

Mountain bike tour

Join us for a very special tour by mountain bike. The tour starts in the center of Kiruna and goes up the mountain Luossavaara with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. 

From1 300 SEK

Horse ride, short tour

A nice riding tour with Icelandic horses in the forest. After saddling the horses we ride out on a tour in the valley of the Kalix river. A tour for you with or without riding experience. You help to prepare the horses for the tour.

From2 100 SEK

Mountain Tour on Horseback

A riding tours with Icelandic horses close to the mountains. Help saddle the horses before riding out and enjoy a stop in a beautiful location for coffee and sandwiches. 

From8 345 SEK

Package trip to the midnight sun

Welcome to Kiruna and Lapland. We offer you a unique experience in Arctic Lapland. Here you can experience fantastic mountains like Kebnekaise and Abisko national park, living Sami culture and an amazing nature with unspoiled river valleys.

From1 595 SEK

Husky Forest Tour by ATV

Many people have tried dogsledding, but far less have been pulled on an ATV by a train of sled dogs through the forest in Swedish Lapland!

This tour offers you the unique experience of visiting a dogsled kennel and meeting the adorable huskies before going out on an ATV adventure with them into the forest. 

From895 SEK

Short dog tour by wagon

Visit our husky kennel in Kauppinen. Walk around the kennel while listening to the guide who tells you how we train, feed and breed our dogs, and our own experience in the toughest dog sled races on earth! If you are lucky you can see cute puppies.

From395 SEK

Bike Rental

Discover Kiruna with Mountainbike. There are many different tracks in the area and you can take the bike straight from the City center out in the nature. 

From845 SEK

Kennel Visit

Are you visiting Kiruna with children, or are you perhaps just as enthralled by the cuteness of huskies as we are? Either way, this tour offers you opportunity to pet and cuddle with the adorable dogs as well as learning about the history and practice of dogsledding. 

From4 700 SEK

Family Adventure package

Welcome to Kiruna and Lapland! We offer package tour for nature loving family. You will have amazing natural experiences staying at Aurora camp right next to Torne River. Try canoing, a short hiking, and visit at Icehotel 365 and Nutti Sami Siida.  

From1 590 SEK

Visit to the ICEHOTEL365 & Nutti Sami Siida

Discover Sami culture at Nutti Sami Siida, then be amazed by ice sculptures at Icehotel 365. This tour provides a wonderful blend of culture and art. 

From1 695 SEK

Northern Light Chase by Minivan

The northern lights are famously elusive and a natural phenomenon which no human being can control. With this tour, join your guide on a drive towards the location around Kiruna where the odds of seeing the mesmerising lights seem to be the most promising!

Does this sound like the adventure for you? Send us a booking request today!