Dog tours

From1 595 SEK

Husky Forest Tour by ATV

Many people have tried dogsledding, but far less have been pulled on an ATV by a train of sled dogs through the forest in Swedish Lapland!

This tour offers you the unique experience of visiting a dogsled kennel and meeting the adorable huskies before going out on an ATV adventure with them into the forest. 

From895 SEK

Short dog tour by wagon

Visit our husky kennel in Kauppinen. Walk around the kennel while listening to the guide who tells you how we train, feed and breed our dogs, and our own experience in the toughest dog sled races on earth! If you are lucky you can see cute puppies.

From845 SEK

Kennel Visit

Are you visiting Kiruna with children, or are you perhaps just as enthralled by the cuteness of huskies as we are? Either way, this tour offers you opportunity to pet and cuddle with the adorable dogs as well as learning about the history and practice of dogsledding.