From1 535 SEK

Lapland Experience

A dogsled tour is for many the best way to experience the nature and thewilderness during the winter. The dogs are howling and pulling their harnessesto get moving, as soon as the anchor is lifted up the dogs fall silent and eagerly start pulling the sled.

From1 750 SEK

Lapland experience, lunch

A dogsled tour is a fantastic way to experience nature in winter. The dogs howl and jerk their harnesses to pull you through the wilderness. Once the anchor is lifted up the dogs fall silent and the only sound is the dry snow under the sled runners. Silence, stillness and action at the same time. 

From1 635 SEK

Dogsled Northern lights

The eyes get used quickly to the pale light on this dogsled tour. The experience is very strong, unique and mysterious. Silence, stillness and action at the same time. The chances of seeing the northern lights is 90% if the weather is clear. 

From2 155 SEK

Musher for a day

You start by learning how to handle your dogteam. Then, when you yourself loosen the anchor and the dogsled heads off rises a cool feeling. Freedom, excitement and nature all at once. The guide is with you the whole time and helps you if necessary.

From3 510 SEK

Dogsled overnight tour

Guests have the opportunity to ride in the guide's dogsled, or to drive your own team of 3-4 dogs. One night in a wilderness camp with access to a sauna. Your cabin has no electricity and no running water. Dinner and breakfast are included.

From21 100 SEK

Dogsled Week Tour

Dogsledding for a week is an amazing experience. This is a way to get very close to the arctic nature in a calm but adventurous way and you’ll have opportunity to see wild animals if you’re lucky. 

From2 750 SEK

Dogsled from the airport

Begin your stay in Kiruna with a great experience. This tour starts at the airport and takes you to ICEHOTEL. Your guide will meet you in the arrival hall and you change to warm clothes. The huskies will wait for you right outside the airport. 

From2 100 SEK

Husky Afternoon - drive your own husky team

The husky afternoon tour is ideal for you if you want to get out and enjoy Lapland's winter while driving your own sleddog team with five huskies through the glittering white landscape. Bring friends and family to share the sled with you. 

From2 100 SEK

Aurora musher

Drive a dogsled and enjoy the Northern Lights dancing above you! On this Northern Light Husky Ride we chase the Northern Light - Aurora Borealis - with our team of huskies. Two people share a sled and will take turns driving.