Horse riding tours

From2 595 SEK

Moose Safari on Horseback

Seeing the king of the forest from the horseback is worth experiencing. The silence and the beautiful scenery give us a nice feeling of well-being and having a lunch of local specialties is a nice way end to the tour.

From2 595 SEK

Northern Lights on Horseback

Seeing the sparkling northern lights and a starry sky from the horseback is a fantastic experience. Relaxation at its best, in the dark we totally trust our four-legged friends and the silence is sometimes broken by the horses' panting. 

From2 100 SEK

Mountain Tour on Horseback

A riding tours with Icelandic horses close to the mountains. Help saddle the horses before riding out and enjoy a stop in a beautiful location for coffee and sandwiches. 

From1 300 SEK

Horse ride, short tour

A nice riding tour with Icelandic horses in the forest. After saddling the horses we ride out on a tour in the valley of the Kalix river. A tour for you with or without riding experience. You help to prepare the horses for the tour.