How do I get to Kiruna? 

Kiruna is located 200 km above the Arctic Circle, and the fastest way to come here is by plane. There are around 3 flights a day during the winter flying in from Stockholm Arlanda and it takes approximately 2 hours to fly from the Swedish Capital City.

If you have more time, or want to travel with a smaller CO2 impact, it is also possible to come to Kiruna by train. It is quite a long trip from Stockholm (around 17 hours) but the landscapes are worth the adventure and you will really get a feeling of how far north Kiruna is.


Where is your office located?

Our office is situated in the city centre, which can be reached by bus from both the airport and the train station. 

Our address is Torggatan 4, 981 30 Kiruna. 


How do I dress for the winter in Kiruna?

Lapland has a harsh environment and winters in Kiruna can get very cold. It happens quite often that we get -35 degrees Celsius for several days in a row, and the temperatures are frequently between -15 to -25 degrees Celsius. But do not panic, it is quite easy to stay warm once you know the basic rules about how to dress - layers! Our best advice is to start with a wool-based layer, for your legs and your upper body. Then you add a good fleece jacket and another down jacket on top of that. Don’t forget to put thick woollen socks, winter shoes, hat, and gloves.


Do we need to bring our own winter clothes for the tours?

No. There is no need to spend all your money on brand new winter clothes if you don’t plan to wear them more than for your trip in Kiruna! During our tours, you will get a very thick and warm overall to put above your clothes that will keep you warm even while sitting on a snowmobile. You will also get good socks, warm winter boots, gloves, a hat, and a balaclava. And if you have booked a tour on a snowmobile, you will of course get a helmet for safety reasons.


Is a trip to Kiruna during winter suitable for young children?

A family trip to Kiruna will definitely be something you will remember for a very long time, but you need to be well-prepared to ensure that you can fully enjoy the harsh environment. As it can get very cold during winter, not all our activities are suitable for very young children: for example, we do not recommend very young children to follow on our snowmobile tours as they will mostly spend their time seated on a sled (children under 5 years old must sit with an adult on the sled). You are the one who know your children best, so you must evaluate if they can join an activity or not. The minimum age to sit on the back of a snowmobile is 13 years old.


Otherwise, your children are more than welcome to join our tours. We have children’s sizes for our overalls and shoes! Of course, we have special prices for children.


Do you offer food on tours for people with a special diary or allergies?

The food we serve during our tours in home-made with fresh ingredients and we do our best to accommodate guests with allergies and/or dietary preferences. Please note that you must request this in advance, and requests that come in the same day as your tour are not guaranteed to be accommodated. 


Is it completely dark during the polar night? Can I still enjoy my time if I book activities at this time of the year?

The polar night is a very special time of the year, and it only happens above the Arctic Circle. During a few weeks in December and January, the sun will not rise. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be completely dark for 24 hours. The sun will not be very far under the horizon so you will get a beautiful mix between dusk and dawn, with the peaceful pastel colors that will last for about 4 hours. The rest of the day, it will be night. But it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to enjoy your time: it can give you more time to enjoy the northern lights or the beautiful white landscapes shining in the moonlight. 


If I don’t have a car, how can I join the tours?

When you are not used to driving on icy and snowy winter roads, we understand that it can be a little bit scary to rent a car in Swedish Lapland. But if you don’t feel like driving, do not worry, you can still join our tours! If requested in advance, we offer pickups at some of the most popular accommodations in Kiruna (75 SEK/person). If you wish to add a pickup to your booking, please ask us if your accommodation is one where we arrange pickups from. 





Is Kiruna a good spot to see the northern lights?

Kiruna is located far north of the Arctic Circle, it is therefore a good place to experience the northern lights. When searching for northern lights, it is always better to try to get away from any source of light pollution: the best places to observe this magical phenomenon is thus away from the city lights. Joining one of our tours is a great way to see them and to explore the wilderness around the town, in the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. 


What if I don’t see any Northern lights or feel disappointed by what I saw during the tour, will we get a refund? 

Kiruna Guidetur does not offer a refund or a discount if you don’t see any northern lights or if you feel disappointed by what you have observed in the sky during your tour. The reason is simply because it is a natural phenomenon that we cannot control or predict. To increase your chances, we advise to book several nights. But you should also be emotionally prepared that you might not see any northern lights during your stay. But you can be sure that, in case of bad weather, your guides will always try their best to find gaps in the clouds during. We know that you have travelled far to experience the Auroras and that it is important to you!


What do the Northern lights look like? Are they as green as we see on the internet pictures?

Every night is different, and every northern light is different. They can show up as very different shapes, speeds, and colors. This is why this phenomenon is so magical. A picture of northern lights is slightly different from what you can see with your eyes. The reason is simply because the camera can absorb and replicate more light that human eyes. The results will be that you will sometimes get brighter greens or pink on the photos, especially pictures that have been strongly modified and/or retouched. However, in our opinion, no picture can compare to the feeling of seeing this phenomena with your own eyes!


When is the best time of the year to see the northern lights?

It is possible to observe the northern lights as soon as the nights are dark enough. The northern lights season starts in September and lasts until the beginning of April. Each month during that period is a good month to observe the northern lights, and each of them has its own advantage. Of course, the probability to see the lights require good weather and solar activity. 


Do you take pictures of your guests under the northern lights? 

The northern lights is an incredible and magical natural phenomenon, so we understand that you would like to get some pictures of you under those dancing lights. However, for different reasons, northern lights pictures are not included in our tour prices. A professional night picture asks a lot of knowledge about photography and above all a lot of post-production work on a photography software. At Kiruna Guidetur, we always try to offer the best price to our customers, this is why we have chosen not to include northern lights photography in our tours. However, if you have your own camera gear, some of our guides might be able to help you find the good set up to take beautiful pictures. Nowadays, most of the smartphones are also able to take nice picture that could do the work as a nice souvenir. 

Even if Northern lights pictures are extraordinary, we believe that you will enjoy this precious moment even more just by watching it with your eyes, instead of struggling we your camera settings.





Is there a sauna in every cabin in Aurora Camp?

There is a private sauna in the following cabins: Wilderness Suites, Arctic Light, Harmony Lodge and Riverside Cottage. However, even if you book other cabins (Aurora Huts, Panorama Room, Log Cabin), you still have access to a sauna for free. 


What if I don’t know how to make a fire in my cabin?

In the booklet in your cabin you will find an information sheet about your cabin. On this sheet you will find QR-codes to a video, showing you how to start a fire. In case you are unable to scan the codes, you will also find a step by step guide with pictures. 


Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes, but you need to be able to guarantee that they will behave and not damage anything in the cabin. They should also be nice and quiet around the camp to respect the other guests in Aurora Camp. During the winter, we also ask you to cover your dog’s pee with snow and get rid of the solids.


Is there a supermarket or restaurant close to Aurora Camp?

Aurora Camp is located close to a small village called Kurravaara, 20 minutes away from Kiruna city center. It is a remote and there is no restaurant or supermarket around. If you wish to cook your own meals, don’t forget to stop at a supermarket in Kiruna before going to Aurora Camp. 


At what time can I check-in? When is the check-out the next morning?

The check-in time at Aurora Camp is 14:00. However, if you really have no choice but to arrive earlier, there is a warm room called the Relax Room, with a fireplace and a sofa where you can wait for your room to be ready.

The check-out time the next morning is 11.00 at the latest. Please, follow the check-out instructions that you will find in you cabin regarding the cleaning. If you ignore these instructions and leave your cabin too messy, you can be charged up to 1000 SEK. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Aurora Camp staff.


How do I get to Arctic Island?

As its name suggests, Arctic Island is an island located on the Torne River, 20 minutes away from Kiruna. This means that you will need transportation to get there. During the summer, it is reachable by boat driven by our guides. During the winter, we organize transfers by snowmobile (and a sled for you and your luggage). At that time, the river will be frozen, so you could also reach the island by foot. This is not advised if you have a lot of luggage, as the walk is about 35 minutes and you will be walking on packed snow on the ice. PLEASE, follow the winter tracks to get there since it is not safe to walk everywhere around this island.